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Tip: Booking trains in Ukraine

Ukraine has pretty good Railway system, booking your train online is pretty easy and can be done via the official railway website: Online reservation and purchase tickets - UkrzaliznytsiaTrain tickets by Ukrainian Railway online: reservation (booking) and buying train tickets online using Visa/Mastercard cards. Available seats on the train,

Tip: Where to stay in prague

Stay next to the Palladium, directions below : A|X Praha Palladium★★★★☆ · Shopping Centre · nám. Republiky 1A|X Praha PalladiumReasons are : Close proximity to tons of coffee shops. Great restaurants everywhere and inside the palladium as well (top floor)Close to both Old Prague and New Prague

Tips to book your hotel at the best possible price (least cost)

Disclaimer: Those points will vary based on the city and the hotel or booking engine policies, but they are worth trying and seeing what works best for you. Trip LengthDon't book very short (1 day) or very long (6+ days) often the best price can be found for a few

Tip: How to find the best area to stay in any city yout travel to

Disclaimer: best is a subjective term, in this tip this term refers to central, busy, posh, active and safe zones of any city. for some people best might be a rural or quiet zone close to nature / mountains etc .. The process is simple, launch google maps and search for the