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Tip: Buy bitcoin today to become rich in a few years

Bitcoin is human's first and best attempt at creating digital money, it is money that is designed to deflate instead of inflate, it is also the most secure form of money ever created and powered by the biggest compute power that ever existed. Bitcoin is unstoppable, due to its decentralization,

Health Tip: Cut sugar completely out of your life

Sugar is a highly profitable drug designed to keep you addicted, eliminate sugar from your life and watch yourself transform completely. cutting sugar will automatically improve everything in your body, your skin, heart, sleep, brain, blood, hormones. References: Sugar industry withheld possible evidence of cancer link 50 years ago, researchers

First things first: forget everything you know

Our world is controlled by a minority of rich elites, those elites do not care about making the world a better place or about people's happiness or well being, but rather they seek more money