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How to lose fat? a practical guide

Tl;dr: DietThis is the most important factor in fat loss, here are the most important principles and factors: Intermittent fasting: fast 4 - 6 hours after waking up, use coffee, water and green tea to make it easier. Eat a 20-25% calorie deficitEat healthy single ingredient food Get at

Tip: Confront your psychology

Our psychology is flawed, "Be yourself" or "Follow your heart" are probably some of worst advice one can follow, because "yourself" or the personality traits you were born with are not idea by default. Our psychology fools us, drives us to seek comfort, pleasure, and guarantees, ending up miserable (look

Health Tip: Cut sugar completely out of your life

Sugar is a highly profitable drug designed to keep you addicted, eliminate sugar from your life and watch yourself transform completely. cutting sugar will automatically improve everything in your body, your skin, heart, sleep, brain, blood, hormones. References: Sugar industry withheld possible evidence of cancer link 50 years ago, researchers