Our world is controlled by a minority of rich elites, those elites do not care about making the world a better place or about people's happiness or well being, but rather they seek more money,  status, power, and control. in fact, the poorer and more confused people are, the better.

A happy society is not a profitable society, world's greatest economies are built on depressed nations, a stressful unbalanced lifestyle drives booming sales as people tend to spend back their money in attempt to buy relief/happiness/status during the time left outside work hours.

Once you understand that nearly every system around us is designed to be profitable rather than Good for people everything will start to make sense.

Take for example the cigarettes and cannabis industries, cigarettes are extremely lethal and likely to cause cancer on the long run, but still they are an extremely profitable business run by tobacco giants, and hence they are sold legally almost in every country in the world.

Cannabis on the other hand, is arguably less harmful, and have some health benefits. but people can grow it themselves, which could possible cause cigarette sales to plummet, and hence it is banned in most countries around the world.

Understanding this leads to understanding why sport athletes and celebrities endorsing fast food brands (which leads to serious health problems on the long run).

This also explains why people are exploited into taking 9-5  jobs that keeps them financially dependant and kills their ambition and dreams.

Understanding money flow and control, leads to understanding religion,  economic traps, the veganism movement, the feminism and body positivity movements, the educational system scam and nearly every other aspect in life.